Eliyah Breuer

25, Tulum, MX


"It was really transformational for me and in a very subtle way.

I feel lighter, I feel like the questions and the journal prompts and the process that Shay takes you through in this course really helped to kind of get into those little cracks and crevices in a very subtle and loving and gentle way."


41, Boston, USA


"Healing from heartbreak helped me immensely, it helped me to heal and to grow during an incredibly painful breakup."


35, Jacksonville, USA


"My 20 year marriage ended rather devastatingly and abruptly and shortly after I found Healing from Heartbreak. "

It truly truly brought me back to myself, authentically, in a profoundly healing way."

Charlotte Mercille

27, Montreal, CA


"Healing from heartbreak was truly a transformative experience for me. It helped me heal my insecure attachment styles to become closer to A secure one, and also helped me create a new, loving conscious partnership."

Casie Campbell

32, Quebec City, CA


"Healing from heartbreak is exactly what I needed, it helped me find inner peace in a time of utter turmoil."