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Note:  This is strictly for couples who desire to create a permanent shift in their relationship.  If that's you, then let's get your relationship on fire again. 🔥

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What We'll Achieve During Your Session

1.) Analyze Your Relationship Health Score

First, we'll analyze your relationship based on our five habits of high-performing couples.  We'll ask you questions like, "Do you feel respected in your relationship?  Are your needs being met (physically and emotionally)?  Are there any external stressors causing you stress?"  

This will show us the big picture of your relationship and pinpoint what's working and what isn't.

2.) Define Your Core Conflict

If couple is fighting, there is typically a 'core conflict' hiding underneath the surface.  This conflict is often not obvious what it is. It takes some digging to discover.

We'll figure out exactly what this is for you and how this is affecting you and your relationship. If you have a recurring fight, this will show you exactly what has been keeping you stuck.  

3.) Create Your 3 Step Relationship Reset Strategy

Lastly, we'll map out a three step strategy to reset your relationship so you can stop fighting and fall back in love again.  This is custom for you and is based on resolving your core conflict permanently.

You'll know EXACTLY what to do moving forward to build a healthy, happy and high-functioning relationship that meets your needs, doesn't waste time fighting and inspires you to play bigger games in the world.    

That Sounds Great But...
It Seems
Too Good To Be True.

What's The Catch?

The catch is simple:  We are really good at helping couples build high- performing relationships.

When we show a couple how to resolve their core conflict FOR GOOD, they often want to hire us to help them implement the strategies.  

(Don't worry - We don't believe in high pressure sales tactics and there is zero obligation AT ALL to work with us.)We simply know that our method works.  

The more couples we talk to... the more who seem to work with us.

This model allows us to help more couples, while growing our business.

That is why we offer these sessions for free.

The first call is 15 minutes and is designed to see if we can actually help your relationship or not.  If we can, we'll schedule an in-depth 45 minute session together.

If your relationship is challenging you, it is *so relieving* to finally discover the source of the challenge and to have a plan to overcome it FOR GOOD.  

That is what we'll help you do.

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Harmonie Becket
CEO, The Widget Company
Harmonie Becket
CEO, The Widget Company
Harmonie Becket
CEO, The Widget Company
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